How to deal with common condo issues and build community to cut costs and save time.

Condo communication is a major challenge, and standard email blasts are often ineffective. Digital screens are a perfect solution but managers fumbling with templates, scheduling and a technology learning curve is a major waste of time and money. Luckily, there's DigiNotice, a condo communication service that transforms your condo's communication at the click of a button.

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Great communication has never been easier.

If you want your condo residents to recycle more, put waste in its place (not tossed off the balcony), build community and know everything they need to know about life in your condo, then you need Digi-Notice. If elevator screens aren't in the budget, we've got lots of affordable options. The tools are important, but it's the content that counts, and the longer you wait to get great communication in your building, the more it costs in the long run.  

-Milos Tosic,

Pinnacle Property Management

Glass Buildings


Milos Tosic

Pinnacle Property Management

When it comes to Digi-Notice, you really need to see it to believe it. The unique and eye-catching content makes every difference in our community and changed the way we communicate on a

daily basis!

Peter Lansitie

Board Director

As a board member, I can confidently say that Digi-Notice has been an essential weapon in our building's fight to keep Covid-19 out of our building. This crisis moved so quick with so many variables that traditional news letters, delivered door-to door, would not be adequate. Digi-Notice on the other hand was able to pivot quickly, communicating out the messaging needed to reach all the residents.   

Jon Record,

Board President

Properties that don't have Digi-Notice are really missing out!  Our building's communication is much better than what I see at other properties.

Digi-Notice Gets Your 

Message Across

We Do the Work

Our content creation and upload service adapts your notices for digital, which means your notices look great, and get noticed by residents.

Our service gives you premium content at a practical price, which means the Property Manager spends more time managing and less time fumbling around with templates and text boxes.

Perfectly Integrated

Simply add Digi-Notice to your existing email list and your notices will appear on-screen shortly after. No time consuming learning curve or changes to the manager's workflow.

Your Creative Agency

Not Just Elevators

Screens for any location to match your condo's budget.

A Constant Connection

Hardwired for reliable, consistent updates.

Communication Partner

Daily updates and monthly campaigns keep info flowing.