What Our Clients Say...


Our condominium signed on with Digi-Notice in late-summer of 2019. Immediately, we saw a positive impact on the effectiveness of it as a communications tool to the residents. In particular, when the Covid crisis struck, Digi-Notice immediately adjusted its messaging, informing residents on proper hand washing, social distancing, covering up when coughing and other public health practices; and that was at the beginning. As the crisis progressed, we reached out to Digi-Notice so that we could notify residents on the boards immediate decision to shut down the amenities and re-direct the staff to focus more on sanitizing the common areas.    

As a board member, I can confidently say that Digi-Notice has been an essential weapon in our building's fight to keep Covid-19 out of our building. This crisis moved so quick with so many variables that traditional news letters, delivered door-to door, would not be adequate. Digi-Notice on the other hand was able to pivot quickly, communicating out the messaging needed to reach all the residents.   

-Peter L, 15 La Rose           


Dear Sue,
It is my absolute pleasure to provide a letter outlining your professionalism, dedication, and attention to
detail in every aspect of your business. You and your team are reliable, hard working, and always there
when we need.
Communication is always difficult in buildings and finding an optimal way to communicate makes a huge
difference. Prior to DigiNotice we were posting paper notices in elevators and e-blasting residents. This
was not only extremely time consuming, but it also caused notices to be posted for short durations, as
only one paper can be in the elevator at a time. Overall, this method is not very effective.
DigiNotice service is simply amazing. Not only does this service save us valuable time, but it also allows
notices to rotate and stay in the elevators for longer durations. Alongside our specific building related
notices (maintenance notices, upcoming events, etc.), DigiNotice posts valuable informative notices
which many residents of our building find very useful. The notices are created in a way that are short, to
the point, eye-catching, and memorable, which provides value to our community. It also saves us the
time of creating each and every individual notice or piece of communication.
In short, as Management we love this service, and so does the rest of our community. The screens
provide a modern and sophisticated look to our elevators, and we would not think twice about
recommending this service to others.
Yianni Vassilakakos R.C.M


Dear Sue,
You are a true professional and and your company deserves every praise! 
There are so many ways to be innovative and creative;  DigiNotice is all of it and more... your one of a kind, unique and eye-catching content makes every difference in our community and changed the way we communicate on a daily basis! 
- Milos Tosic R.C.M., C.I.M., C.S.M.