• Sue Langlois

Safety & Security? Priceless!

An intruder tried recently to gain access to a downtown condo. Well, he actually DID gain access, but luckily it was only for a short time before Security escorted him out. But not before he rode the elevator to the 15th floor, took the stairs to another floor, pulled the fire alarm and tried to enter a suite.

Can you imagine? Scary stuff.

You can probably guess how he got in; he slipped in through a closing door when a resident exited the building.

You might think that it's a losing battle to prevent this kind of thing from happening, but I can't stress enough the power of a Safety & Security Campaign to teach your residents how to think about security. People can feel rude about not holding the door or silly taking a moment to push a slow-moving door closed behind them, but there are ways to take those feelings away and create a culture of safety and security that keeps intruders out and residents in-the-know.

But the usual problem persists that when it comes to great communication, managers simply:

  • Don't have time to plan it

  • Don't have time to design it

  • Don't have time to schedule it

  • Don't always have the required specific tools and skills

The great news is that I have secured an additional thirty screens at an absolutely fabulous price so if you're in a property with 1-3 elevators, (or 4 elevators and we skip the moving car) you can start improving the safety & security of your property for just $495 per month plus hst (no down payment!)

Ad-free, powerfully effective screens 100% focused on a better condo experience and more informed residents. Everything they need to know about life in a condo... for the price of a cup of coffee.

If you're interested, just email or and we will send over what you need to get started.

By the way, that same intruder tried to get into a second building but it didn't work, thanks to the vigilance of the residents there. Hashtag This Stuff Works!

Looking forward to helping you run a socially and financially successful condo corporation. No ads, all info.

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