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Are your condo's notices "Selfie" or "Healthy"?

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The #1 complaint at condominium Annual General Meetings (AGMs) is quite often "poor communication". Residents might complain that they never know what is going on, that the Board could be more transparent, that "they didn't know" that jamming a queen size bed frame into the garbage chute would take either an entire day for the superintendent and manager to clear together, or cost over $500 to call in a professional service.

Yet the management/board of directors team may protest. "We communicate all the time!" they say. "There is a new notice posted on the elevator's cork bulletin board every day!  We send dozens of emails!"

The problem is that condo residents, like most of us, are usually only interested in what affects them directly. You might call this type of info the "selfie" information. Things that will directly affect their "self", their lifestyle, their plans, their wishes etc. If the water is going to be off all day on the Monday a resident plans to take the day off work, he/she is going to open that email. Party room getting renovations on the exact same weekend they're planning on having friends over? They'll probably open that email too. If the news affects them directly, they'll likely want to know.

However, it's the things that condo residents don't know that can actually hurt them financially. Rare is the individual who will open an email that describes in depth exactly what can or cannot go into the recycling bin. Get it wrong, and the corporation gets fined. Lost garbage pickup privileges can set a condo corporation back over thirty thousand dollars a year. That means raised fees. Residents who don't know what to do if they have a water leak (or that they should even check for one) could face higher water bills and even nasty insurance surprises if they don't have the proper coverage. Yet residents often aren't interested in the "healthy" info that they need to know. So much important info with so many repercussions if it isn't communicated properly!

This is where digital screens for your elevator come in. They play all your notices, all the time, and they can play all the "healthy" info that when run, actually makes a financial difference to the condo corporation's bottom line. Think of it as a condo education, in a digital format. As people go about their daily routine, they see what they need to know as they ride the elevator.

"Healthy" info is all the stuff in the declaration/status certificate/rules/policies and so on, that the resident likely never bothered to read when they were all excited to purchase the condo to begin with. Understandable, for sure.  Digital screens are the most effective way of providing all that info on a regular basis. When you think about it, they are quite possibly the only thing that gets seen by all residents, all the time. Of course, there are some that take the stairs, but since most condo residents need to take the elevator to get home, that is by far the best place to reach them with your communication notices. Play the "healthy", and get your bottom line healthy too. Want to know more? Give me a shout... I'll pay you a visit and we can have a chat about what will work best in your condo.

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